for marimba, piano and large ensemble (1011.1110.11111)

Recorded at Ukho Ensemble reading, Kiev, Ukraine, on February 2018.

Evgeniy Ulianov, marimba
Dina Pisarenko, piano
Ukho ensemble conducted by Luigi Gaggero


On December 2018, when I was asked to write a duo concertante for a workshop with the Ukho Ensemble in Kiev, Ukraine, I had an immediate impulse to associate the new piece to the designs of my friend and 3D artist Jordi Cerdà. Around the same time, he had told me about a new project he was developing: objects or sculptures made up of two parts that are almost matching, but actually are not. I found his first designs to be beautiful and inspiring - the perfect subject of this new work. In it, the piano and marimba are the two parts of the object that seem to fit perfectly into one another, but never really do. The ensemble here works as the medium where they relate to each other. The piece is divided into four contrasting sections played without breaks: I. Blur, II. Reflection, III. Trace, IV. Shade.